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New agrochemical will be tested on agricultural plants for the first time with the organization of Agrarian Innovation Center.

The Agrarian Innovation Center, which operates in the direction of providing methodical and practical support for the application, promotion and promotion of advanced technological innovations based on innovative solutions in the field of agriculture and the “Eureka” Scientific and Production Center of the Russian Federation a cooperation agreement was signed regarding conducting tests of the new agrochemical substance called “Rostok” for various agricultural plants in the country.

The tests of agrochemical substance that plays an important role in productivity and resilience of plants against the effects of stress factors, as well as in regulating their growth and development are planned to be conducted on 27 hectares of experimental farms of the Ministry of Agriculture, on 12 different agricultural plants.

In order to test this substance in the experimental farms of the Scientific Research Institutes, on April 22 of this year, the Agrarian Innovation Center organized the distribution of a new agrochemical substance among the enterprises at the Agricultural Research Institute.

Specialists of the Agrarian Innovation Center informed about the joint projects implemented in the field of agriculture with local and foreign companies, the chemical composition, and rules of use and advantages of the agrochemical "Rostock" to be tested.

At the end of the event, extensive discussions were held regarding the application of the new agrochemical substance brought to Azerbaijan for testing on different agricultural plants starting from the third decade of April.  

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