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A meeting was held between the companies of Kabarda-Balkaria Republic and Tyumen Region and the Agrarian Innovation Center.

A meeting was held between the Agrarian Innovation Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and the director of the Export Center of the Kabarda-Balkaria Republic and also Altegris Company of the Tyumen region.

At the meeting, the director of the Center informed about the activities of the institution, implemented projects and the Innovation festivals were held in regions, as well as the potential of agriculture and the opportunities of realizing this potential in the territories liberated from occupation.

Also, the smart garden technologies of the Bazis Company, the possibilities of applying agricultural products produced by other companies of the Kabarda-Balkarian Republic in Azerbaijan were discussed during the meeting.

The above-mentioned companies expressed their interest in implementing joint projects in order to represent our country in the market.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed to hold the next meeting with the participation of experts of “Bazis” company and local experts in order to discuss pilot project.

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